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Reviews for The Freshman Year at HBCU:

Kelly DeLong’s book, The Freshman Year at an HBCU, was a fantastic read for myself and peers. First off, it was an easy read. I was really able to relate to the book, and enjoyed the various characters as we followed them along their journey of their first year of college. I was able to clearly understand and develop what factors will allow you to be effective your first year and so on, but also what could lead you to not performing to your best potential. Many lessons were taught throughout the book, and many perspectives were shown, not only by students, but by teachers as well. This book will be very beneficial to incoming freshmen, or all college students as they learn the do’s and the don’ts of being a successful. 

--Sana C. 


This book has influenced me in so many unthinkable ways because it documents the many struggles every freshman faces when coming to college. The time management issues, the heavy workloads, and even the new roommate phases spoke truth. I can finally say I read a book that I can personally relate to. The greatest aspect of this book was that it wasn't a boring read. It was interesting from cover to cover. This book highlighted not only the struggles, but it also shared the bright side to your freshman year. You're only a freshman once and even though the growing pains are uncomfortable, once you combat them they become lifetime memories. 

--Jada A. 


The book, The Freshman Year at an HBCU by Kelly DeLong, was truly a great book. It helped me in many ways. From reading this book, I’ve learned about the mistakes that college freshmen make and how to fix them. Not only HBCU freshmen, but freshmen all over the world can get something out of reading this book. Also, reading about what some students did to get on honor roll and the dean's list inspired me to follow their footsteps and reading about the what students did that failed helped me know what not to do. It really answered questions that many college freshmen have and for that, I feel like many other freshmen should read this book as well. 

--Shanice B. 


The book The Freshman Year at an HBCU by Kelly DeLong is a very informative book. It helped me to get a better understanding of what college as a freshman was going to be like. I like how he took the time to interview multiple students and a handful of professors. The freshmen that DeLong interviewed were all different and they each had different goals for themselves. I felt like I could relate to most of the characters and the experience that they were going through. I'm so glad I read The Freshman Year at an HBCU. It's almost like this book is a manual for incoming freshmen. It helps you to understand what you should and shouldn't do as a college student. I would recommend this book not only to college freshmen who attend HBCUs, but to college freshmen everywhere. 

--Lyric C. 


The Freshman Year At An HBCU by Kelly DeLong is a fantastic piece of literary artwork that is unique to its genre. Throughout the book you are given an in-depth look into collegiate life for a freshman student at an HBCU. In this book, the author interviews various students and provides suggestions and advice on having a successful freshman year. I have personally taken a lot away from this book in terms of guidance and advice. Writing-wise the book was well put together. The way Dr. DeLong constructed his writing made it easier for understanding and comprehension while also leaving room for interpretation and entertainment. 

--Sean R. 


The Freshman Year At An HBCU is a phenomenal book. The book is a great guide for all college students because it provides a lot of advice on how to go about college. It gives the basic information that students can be unsure about while in college. Personally, the book was a helpful guide for me because as a college freshman I had a lot of questions and I referred back to the book to get answers. Overall, this book is very interesting and helpful for college students. 

--Patrice M.

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