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by Carrie Jane Knowles

May 15 2021


274 │  6x9 │ $19.95

Trade Paperback


A Musical Affair is a novel about divorce, deception, love affairs, expensive secrets, long overdue forgiveness, the power of beautiful music, and just how Celeste, with a little help from some new friends, manages to raise over $300,000 to fund an international  music festival and turn her life around.


Names have been changed in order to protect some men in the story who should have been ashamed.


Sometimes it’s not the music that matters, but the money. 

A Musical Affair: a Novel

  • Carrie has published five novels, a collection of short fiction, a memoir about her mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s, and a writing workbook. She writes a personal perspectives column for Psychology Today: Shifting Forward.

    She was the 2014 North Carolina Piedmont Laureate in Short Fiction.

    Learn more about Carrie at

  • "Carrie is a genius at developing captivating characters and a thick plot that pulls you in fast. A Musical Affair is a juicy, fast-paced story. It's full of intrigue, deception and interwoven stories of torrid affairs and past personal histories that quickly gets you absorbed and invested in what happens next. This book is a must-read. You’ll love this journey, and you won't be able to put it down!"

    ─Tracy Friedlander, Creator of Crushing Classical Podcast

    "Carrie Knowles’ A Musical Affair gives gusto to the world of a nouveau music festival set against a staid, traditional small Southern city. Ms. Knowles clearly knows this world and seems to delight in sharing it with her readers.

    As a music presenter, I can attest to both the intrigues and the scheming that goes into this rarified world and am happy to see it celebrated here."

    Lyman Collins, Former Cultural Arts Manager, Town of Cary

    "A Musical Affair magically captures the power that music has over people, sometimes without us even knowing it. Written as intricately as a concerto, we follow each of these characters like musical notes that occasionally float on solo lines, periodically harmonize, and often crescendo!"

    Eric Woodall,  Producing Artistic Director, North Carolina Theatre