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ISBN: 978-1-952085-06-2

Owl Canyon Press is pleased to announce the winners of the Owl Canyon Press Hackathon #4:

FIRST PLACE ($1,000)
"The Beauty Way" by Sally Brower


"Graveminder" by Tanya Aydelott


"Burying the General" by Elana Rubin

"End of A Dynasty" by Becky Blanton
"Grave Matters" by Gail Chovansky
"Bury the Big-Top" by Curtis Clarke
"A Glorious Homecoming" by Jeannetta Craigwell-Graham
"General Unrest and Knockanee" by Paul Cussen
"Eden" by Rory Dwane
"Once a Dick Always" by Alison Foster
"Land of Cardamoms" by A. Gupta 
"A Mascot's Grave" by Andrew Hall
"Burying the Blood Rubies" by Katherine Heinen
"Moving on in Hooflet" by Lynne Heatley
"Turning of the Bones" by Sandra Jackson-Opoku
"The Rose of the Rose of the Fleet" by Davida Kellogg
"For Pim, my Dear" by Charisse Kubr
"Funeral for an Old Friend" by Charlotte Lewis 
"The Alexandria Quartet" by Don London
"Miatta's Dynasty" by Cheryl McCourtie
"Annesh of the Taaraddi" by Catherine Peacock
"Dynasty of Dreams" by MLJ Pluto
"A Report on the Origins of the Frankenstein Dynasty" by Christian Smith
" A Girl Walks into a Funeral" by Emily Sperber
"Self-Preservation and other Fascist Enterprises" by Hannah Taylor
"The House of Cards" by Richard Vadim
"Down with the Count" by Jim Young

An Odd Sized Casket