The Summer 2018

Owl Canyon Press

Short Story Hackathon

Contest Winners


The NO BARS AND A DEAD BATTERY fiction anthology features the winning entries from the 2018 Owl Canyon Press Short Story Hackathon challenge. The collection contains 26 stories chosen from over 900 entries, a mix of both seasoned and emerging writers whose astonishing and entertaining works span the wide ranging landcape of emotions from happiness to grief.

No Bars and a Dead Battery

  • David Greenson (First Place Winner)
    Lorain Urban(Second Place Winner)
    Julie Hall (Third Place Winner)
  • Deborah Boller Colin Brezicki
    Shannen Camp Shelby Carleton
    Savannah Cordova Helen Foster
    Peter Gikandi Dianne Gorveatt  
    Hannah Jackson    Luke Kingsbury
    Jon Krampner Juliana Lamy
    Casey Lefante Tucker Lieberman
    Amr Mekki Jonathan Moyer
    Syche Phillips     Andrea Poniers
    Christopher Schiller Jeffrey Somers
    Ansley Vreeland    Rick Wilson
    Callie Zucker