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by Steven Dandaneau

ISBN: 978-1-952085-02-4

Publication Date: November 15, 2020

Price: $18.95

Pages: 182


Like its eponymous cousin, Say Hey Little Prince transpires over eight eventful days, not in the Sahara Desert, but during the opening week of a modern professional baseball season. This is the story of a Phenom, who pitches the most perfect game, imparts wisdom, and departs without saying goodbye.

Say Hey Little Prince: a Novel

  • Steven Dandaneau lives in Fort Collins, Colorado

  • Dandaneau’s slim volume uses a single near-miraculous baseball game and its aftermath as a canvas on which he paints a vivid scene combining memorable characters, a suspenseful story line, and delightful wordplay.  It’s not easy combining elements of wonder, even fantasy, and serious themes of love and life – the book accomplished that, and I found it simultaneously delightful and deeply thought-provoking.  Indeed, I wanted more – which is always a great sign.
    Rick Miranda,  Provost and Executive Vice President, Colorado State University

    "Say Hey Little Prince engages the reader in a cleverly controlled, richly intertextual postmodern narrative form.  The reader’s attempt to arrive (comfortably) at some sense of its overall “meaning” is thwarted (or challenged) by Dandaneau’s sentences that always resist the weight of grounding and that remain, like the surface of waves, always fluid and fluent."

    Faiza W. Shereen, Professor Emerita of World Literature, Cal Poly Pomona

    “Dandaneau’s novel is about more than baseball, about which he knows a lot. It describes the fleeting beauty, excellence, talent and tragically flawed mysterious young man who sees deeper than most everyone else and leaves no one indifferent, including the reader.”

    Fr. James L. Heft, S.M., Alton Brooks Professor of Religion and
    President, Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies at University of Southern California

    “A story for every kid who is striving for perfection and has come up short. Say Hey Little Prince is a potent reminder of the humanity behind a daring act of any kind.”

    Dr. Brittany Vasquez, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist