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by Tom LaMarr

ISBN: 978-1-952085-03-1

Publication Date: Decmber 15, 2020

Pages: 262 p.

Price: $19.95


The Termination Clause is a comedy about the nature of art, success, and ambition. A young writer of promise is given an advance of sorts to finish his first novel free from outside pressures. An eccentric app millionaire who knew him in high school wants to "invest in the arts," though Randolph J. Simper's motives become increasingly mysterious as a series of bizarre developments, culminating in the appearance of an assassin, sabotage protagonist Clay Turner. Trying to save his own life, marriage, and reputation while sorting out the mystery, Clay also wishes he'd spent more time reviewing the lengthy original contract, which apparently contained a clause allowing Randolph and three other patrons to purchase life insurance on their investment.

The Termination Clause: a Novel

  • After growing up on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River in Dubuque, Iowa, Tom LaMarr lived and worked in Council Bluffs and Des Moines, then Jacksonville, Florida (where he met his wife), and the District of Columbia. He studied at the University of Iowa Fiction Writers Workshop and has called Colorado home for more than two decades. He is the author of  Geezer Dad as well as two acclaimed novels, October Revolution, and Hallelujah City" and the young adult novel Zero Gravity.

  • "The Termination Clause" is a funny, witty story...a clever spoof of the life of a lovable if bumbling writer."

    Sandra Dallas, The Denver Post 

    Colorado is fortunate to have an author on the very short list of writers of good humorous fiction… [His] humor is based on true affection and understanding…

    ─The Denver Post

    Got back home and read October Revolution with much ease, excitement, and pleasure...

    Joseph Heller, author of Catch-22

    Zero Gravity is packed with incredible, hilarious imagery, characters, and landscapes… This humorous, vivid novel is fast-paced, smart, and surreal...

    ─Foreword Reviews

    [Geezer Dad is] an engaging human journey, both heartwarming and hilarious.

    Karin Evans, author of The Lost Daughters of China

    Hallelujah City, like LaMarr's debut novel, October Revolution, is a fast and funny read. Humor isn't easy to pull off, but LaMarr does it effortlessly…

    ─Boulder Sunday Camera