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The 27 Stories fiction anthology features the winning entries from the Winter 2018 Owl Canyon Press Short Story Hackathon challenge. The collection contains 27 stories chosen from over 950 entries, a mix of both seasoned and emerging writers whose astonishing and entertaining works span the wide ranging landcape of emotions from happiness to grief.

27 Stories: The Winter 2018 Owl Canyon Press Hackathon Contest Winners

  • FIRST PLACE ($3000): “Random and Small Redemptions” by Rita Sommers-Flanagan
    SECOND PLACE ($2000): “The Final Word” by Virginia Brackett
    THIRD PLACE ($1000): “Galop” by Donald Ryan
  • Andrea Avery                                        Katherine Kendig              
    Dominic Breiter   Autumn Mabry
    Aramis Calderon   Nancy Moir
    Kyle Caldwell   Ryan Morris
    Travis Dahlke   Alissa Jones Nelson
    Helen Dent   Zackary Pierce
    Katherine Doar   James Potter
    KelseyWolln Dunn   Rob Rowntree
    Daniel Earl   Erin Ruble
    Lila Evans   Daniel Salvatore
    Scott Adam Gordon   Michael Simon
    Kelly Griffiths   C. J. Worby