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stories by Greg Sanders

Publication Date: April 15 2022

ISBN: 978-1-952085-11-6

152 │  6x9 │ $18.95

Trade Paperback


In The Suffering of Lesser Mammals, acclaimed author Greg Sanders draws the reader into a world of believable absurdity, as individual crises meld with those of the age. Among the thirteen stories in this collection, a young father’s anxiety throws the Earth out of orbit; a bachelor breaks up with his car; a “multivariate correlator” conjures a lonely deity; two sisters are abducted by a cadre of immortal alewives. Wildly inventive, morally wise, and achingly funny, this is the short story as reimagined by a fearless—and fearsome—voice.


The Suffering of Lesser Mammals

  • The Suffering of Lesser Mammals

    “Greg Sanders is a startling fiction writer with a quirky-snarky & deeply affecting prose manner that’s original and all his own. I highly recommend you jump on his new collection of stories, The Suffering of Lesser Mammals. Of which we are some.”

    Frederick Barthelme, author of the story collection Moon Deluxe, the novel There Must Be Some Mistake, and fourteen other books in between.


    “Greg Sanders is a beguiling, far-ranging fabulist, whose wily, hyper-smart inventions take us from Big Sur to Brooklyn, from Kafka’s Prague to a remote exoplanet—and to cyberspace, whose cold zones measure human value in ‘clickthrough rates,’ and whose dark corners register ‘a world in magnificent turmoil and unrepentant decline.’”

    David Gates, Pulitzer finalist and author of A Hand Reached Down to Guide Me


    Praise for Motel Girl

    "The stories in Greg Sanders's debut collection are difficult to categorize. They owe a debt to Franz Kafka and fabulists like Jorge Luis Borges but seem just as strongly to want to transmit from a realist world where small psychological insights and gritty detail carry the day. The stories aspire to the have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too achievement of existing in both literal and symbolic realms. Many of them reach this rare ground."
    —Scott Elliott, American Book Review; May/June 2009


  • Greg Sanders is the author of the story collection Motel Girl and numerous works of fiction and non-fiction. He and his family live in New York, where he earns his living as a technical writer.