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tom Strelich
370 p.

Paperback 18.95

Audibook Available from Audible

And that's the funny thing about the end of the world, they never tell you how long it's going to take. Too bad they couldn't be more specific.


1st Place - Satire - Chanticleer Mark Twain Award
1st Place - Fiction/Humor - Pencraft Book Awards
1st Place - Audiobook - Pencraft Book Awards
Silver Medal - Humor - IPBA "IPPY" Award
Bronze Medal - Literary Fiction - Readers' Favorite


The earth's magnetic poles have reversed and civilization has just had its clock reset to the great cosmic flashing 12:00am from almost a million years ago, and humanity, and everybody in it, is pretty much forgetting everything it learned since the last time.


Everybody except Hertell Daggett, who remembers pretty much everything because he'd once been shot in the head - the doctors got the bullet out, but missed a few tiny specks of copper that remained, floating inside his brain, connecting him to the things everybody else on earth is slowly forgetting.


Hertell sees an opportunity to start civilization all over again, and maybe even get it right this time. What could possibly go wrong?

Water Memory

    • "...inventive, funny, and beautifully written."—Brian Morra, award winning author of The Able Archers
    • "... at once thoughtful, engaging and unsettling, but more than anything, wickedly funny... Strelich's profane, irreverent vision of a realignment of human sensibilities to save an undeserving world serves up a rewarding read."—Virginia Brackett, author of In the Company of Patriots
    • "...Satirical? Yes, you will laugh out loud. Pure satire? No. Water Memory is much richer and purer than that. Strelich has concocted a familiar semi-sci-fi setting with industrious, damaged, absorbing inhabitants who have a dazzling, terrifying gift thrust upon them: The chance to start over."—RG Halleck, author of Evade the Dark and The Search for Macadamia
    • "What a JOY to read ... Poignant, humorous, timely and rich, it held me hostage from the melodic Prologue to the final imagery envisioned in the last sentence.... I have a message for Kurt Vonnegut and Richard Bach, housed in my personal Writer Hall of Fame: Make room for Tom Strelich." —Michael Simmons, artistic director CAST
    • "... close enough to real life to bring you in, but far enough to the side you have to use your peripheral vision... a reader's roller coaster... If you can survive the whiplash, you will be richly rewarded." —Tom Lederle, author of Digital Surrealism
    • "... laughed out loud many times... fun and witty... written in an intelligent and sarcastic tone that is so unique and refreshing... Will definitely be reading Strelich again!"—Ashley Dunston, author of The Strange
    • "...a wide-ranging parable about America today... now subtle, now laugh-out-loud funny."—Jon Krampner, author of Ernest Lehman: The Sweet Smell of Success
    • "The hysterical-realism that characterized Strelich's first novel finds new life in a speculative, near-future, plausible sci-fi apocalypse story that's as funny as it is beatific... the redemption of existentialism, a smiling Sisyphus... The inherent humanism of it cuts through the satire like a knife. Like Dog Logic before it, Water Memory is richly conceived, compulsively entertaining, and thoroughly brilliant."—Alex Lee, Stoner/Web Developer