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The 2013 Owl Canyon Press Short Story Hackathon Team Challenge

Contest Winners

Release Date: 12/15/23

ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-952085-29-1

318 p.



The NOBODY LEFT TO BLAME fiction anthology features the winning entries from the 2023 Owl Canyon Press Short Story Hackathon team challenge. The collection contains 27 stories chosen from over 100 entries from more than 20 countries. These stories represent a mix of both seasoned and emerging writers whose astonishing and entertaining works present a wide ranging collection of themes from fear to euphoria. 

Nobody Left to Blame

  • FIRST PLACE: "West Family Business” by Mona West and RJ Taylor
    SECOND PLACE: "Leather Hell" by Sarina Bosco and Travis Dahlke
    THIRD PLACE: "All the World's a Stage" by Glenn Asher-Gordon and Scott Adam Gordon

  • "1031986" by Adam Azia and Edward Brown

    "Again" by Carter Woetzel and Meckenna Holman

    "Bad Brush with the Angler Party" by Colleen Alles and Melissa Fox

    "Black Wings and Regrets" by John Hardison and Michael Waters

    "Blameless Malabed" by Felinda Bagas and Liwliwa Malabed

    "Bye Bye Blackbird" by Rani Jayakumar and Susmita Ramani

    "Disconnections" by Claire Fyfe and Mike Lattanzi

    "Family Schrodinger" by Chrys Darkwater  and Casey Lefante

    "Fear and Loathing in Lancaster" by Laurie Hicks

    "Flock of Fate" by K.M. Whitney and Anne Johnston

    "It's A Long Way To Go To Get Nowhere" by Salena Casha and R. Tim Morris

    "King For A Day" by Becky Blanton and Phil Elmore

    "Live Free or Die" by  Rich Little and Ryan Austin

    "Love Broadcasted" by Nicholas Shi and Zeth Martinez

    "Luck Reigns Supreme " by Moe Zilla and Tea Castle

    "Murder Member" by Marcie Blandford and Rachel Istvan

    "Nevermore" by David Winnie and Judith Nakken

    "Old Magic New Faces" by Chanel  Earl and and Dallin Hunt

    "Reckonings" by Rachel Rigolino and Penny Freel

    "Redeeming Angel Shaw" by Lisa H. Owens and Dawn DeBraal

    "Runaways" by Ann Bodle-Nash and Patricia G. Kay

    "Thousand Eyes" by Xian Mao and Ha Le

    "What She May Be" by Claire Fyfe and Mike Lattanzi

    "When You Wish" by Graham Elder and Laura Cody