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Steven Dandaneau

by Steven Dandaneau

August 15, 2022

102 6x9 18.95

Trade paperback



The Professor Will See You Now takes the reader on a journey into a depressed mind fortified by expert fieldwork in our everyday apocalyptic world. The result is a uniquely construed and no doubt politically incorrect perspective on the contemporary zeitgeist. Over the course of five stories and an equal number of essays, the reader encounters the tragic apotheosis of positive psychology, love of learning and unlearning, homages to Jane Smiley and Richard Rodriquez, as well as tales of trekking and travel, cinema, and crime (both true and untrue).


By the last lines, the reader might be forgiven if they were less certain what in the preceding constituted fact and fiction or whether such elementary distinctions should be permitted to survive the machinations of intellectually rigorous and morally forthcoming literature. The Professor Will See You Now is critical, not cynical; the difference is vital.

The Professor Will See You Now: Inappropriate Essays & Biden/Harris-Era Stories

  • Steven Dandaneau is the author of Say Hey Little Prince: A Novel (Owl Canyon Press 2020) as well as numerous scholarly works in sociology and social theory. Dandaneau has also contributed occasional pieces, often with an irreverent political slant, to such outlets as Counterpunch, The Hill, The University of Dayton Quarterly, In These Times, and Defenestration. Dandaneau lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.