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Piper Bringman

ISBN: 978-1-952085-23-9


Price: $18.95

Release Date: April 15, 2023


Coalescence by Piper Bringman is a collection of essays and short stories written over the course of a few years. A combination of daydreams, wonderings, nightmares, and school assignments, all compiled into an amalgamation of thoughts. Fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and nonfiction are spread throughout its pages, and, as the book goes on, the short stories begin as young adult, and then move through juvenile fiction into children’s tales, to signify taking all of the parts and different moments of a childhood to coalesce them into one. Into the experience of one life and into the experience of now. Every story was picked with intention, creating not just a collection of stories, but a story told by stories.


  • Piper Bringman is 18 years old and in her final year of Waldorf Education. She is an avid daydreamer, a devoted lover of cats, and a writer of poems and stories. She published her first book, a short collection of poems entitled Cardboard Wings in 2019. When she isn’t writing, you can find Piper listening to music while jogging through her neighborhood or dancing through her house. She graduates high school in June of 2023 and will be attending the Univerity of Oregon’s Clark Honors College, beginning in the fall.