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Dangerous Networks

by Vik Arrieta

ISBN: 978-0-9985073-1-6
Publication Date: September 15, 2017

Price: $18.95


Dangerous Networks


Illustrations by Ciervo Blanco


Translated from the Spanish by Beñat Sagartzazu Ibarluzea


When they are not studying for physics and math classes, Lucila and her friends Natacha, Anita, Piru and Clarita, meet on weekends to model outfits and conduct photo shoots of their fashion shows. Lucila, one of the few girls with her own computer, painstakingly edits the photos and shares them on Facebook for their classmates. A mysterious message posted on Lucila’s Facebook page by a stranger is the prelude to a series of terrifying events: Who, she wonders, is Hunter? As the story of Dangerous Networks unfolds, Lucila’s friends begin to disappear under a variety of strange circumstances. Lucila fears something horrible is happening to them. With the help of her classmate Tomi, Lucila begins a desperate search to find out what is going on.


In this debut novel Vik Arrieta addresses urgent social issues: the role of new technologies in the way we communicate and establish relationships, the risks involved in sharing our lives online, and the real threat of stalking and kidnapping. Arrieta was inspired to write the book by the case of Marita Verón, a young woman who was kidnapped in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina on April 3, 2002. Marita’s mother, Susana Trimarco, received a tip that Marita may have been abducted and sold to a prostitution ring. After getting little help from the police, Susana tried to track down her daughter, but to date, Marita has never been found. Dangerous Networks exposes a dark world of human trafficking and the potential dangers teenagers face through the misuse of social networks.


With a nimble and thought-provoking style, in prose that reflects the language of today’s generation, Dangerous Networks is an action-packed story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.


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Dangerous Networks

  • I never knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Actually, I wanted to do everything. Ever since I was little, I have felt the infinite possibilities of the world assault me, pulling me at the same time towards the four cardinal points, as if it were possible to divide myself into separate beings and run captive after every stimulus, like a cat chasing a butterfly. One thing was clear: I wanted to arouse emotions. I grew up admiring writers, musicians, illustrators, singers, actors and artists who, with a gesture, turn the energy of the world into a pure explosion of love. I wanted that. I always thought that was more powerful than banks and governments. But it seemed impossible to want so much … until I understood that the key to everything is in the imagination: that is where all the infinite possibilities of the world live.

    Today I am editor, illustrator and writer, the director of Monoblock Industry of Imagineering and host of Pecha Kucha Buenos Aires. I have a ukulele. I like mountains and forests, travel and cooking. I am an advocate for joy and I believe that the most powerful mantra is love. And, above all, I believe in the Power of Imagination.

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