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ISBN: 978-1-952085--14-7

Owl Canyon Press is pleased to announce the winners of the Owl Canyon Press Hackathon #5:

FIRST PLACE ($1,000):

"Sarri" by Patricia G. Kay



"Racing Rules" by El;izabeth R. Wilder



"Ex Post Facto" by Katherine Friedman



"Anytime but Now" by Holly Teresa Baker

"Isaac Kane" by Dana Barr

"What Comes Next" by Pádraig Collins

"Perestroika (short story!)" by Caitlin Dunn

"Weather Corps(e)" by William Thomas Engleson

"Falling down" by Alison Foster

"Fly me to the moon" by Lynda Fox

"Anagrams" by Barbara Haber

"Wane" by Marina Harris

"Pretty Primmer" by Katherine E Heinen

"No Comment" by Danielle Hrapoonov

"A Slight Mistake" by Terrence Jaimungal

"Errant Girl" by Larry C. Kay

"Love, loss and memory" by David Klotzkin

"Quitting the Future" by Jennifer Leeper

" Led Out to Pasture" by Melissa R. Mendelson

"A Lonely Zealot" by Doug Norfleet

"You Can't Take It with You" by Caitlin P. Painter

"The Shibboleth of the Divide" by Catherine Evans Peacock

"Fourth Wall" by Stephen Roddewig

"Beneath a Pale Rose Sky" by Jonathan Saint

"Michael Simon" by Michael Simon

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