Ilias Venezis
Translated by Joshua Barley
Cover artwork by Panagiotis Stavropoulos


ISBN: 978-618-5048-98-3
pages: 272
size: 20.5 x 13.5 cm.


Serenity follows the journey of a group of Greek refugees who were displaced from their homeland in Asia Minor and settled in the summer of 1923 in a desolate corner of the coast, near Athens. Told in the author’s characteristic sparse, lyrical style and inspired by his own experience of migration, it details their hatred of war, their love for the nature surrounding them, the hostility of their new neighbours and their struggle to find meaning as they adapt to a new life. Though published in 1937, Serenity is a timely evocation of the eternal condition of the refugee, as seen by a writer with a deeply human eye.

The Flaw

  • A real masterpiece. A story of the psychological struggle between two secret police agents and their suspect told with wit, imagination and quite outstanding technical skill.
    — Graham Greene

    A very fine piece of writing. The Flaw has great psychological interest.
    — Agatha Christie

    A powerful work. I only wish some people who profess democracy would read The Flaw and see what it is they actually support.
    — Arthur Miller

    Samarakis … [makes] you change your mind over and over about what looks so simple at first. All this technique never flaunts itself but dovetails smoothly, and without strain. The mood in The Flaw is miles from the usual supercharged world of spy thrillers.
    — New York Times

    The Flaw… has wheel within wheels.
    A remarkable tour de force.
    — Arthur Koestler
    The Observer