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The Inevitable Past

Carrie Jane Knowles

ISBN: 978-1-952085-01-7

Pages: 274

Release Date: May 15, 2020

Also available as an Audiobook


What if the life of your grandmother, even a grandmother you never knew, is somehow woven into the fabric of your dreams, your desires, and your destiny? Knowles’ riveting novel, The Inevitable Past, challenges the notion of who we are and what compels us to make life changing decisions as it carries us from the past to the present through two cities, two centuries, and some terrible secrets buried in the past.


It’s a timely look at women’s right to not only vote, but to have a voice.


It’s a story that will haunt you.

The Inevitable Past

  • This is no ordinary ghost story. The Inevitable Past is profoundly intriguing, a shivery and beautifully written tale that bears the glint of truth.

    Peggy Payne, author of Sister India

    Straight away, from the beginning, I was deep in an unfamiliar world, but it felt true. Carrie Knowles's descriptions of a period of time, of people, their clothes, and their ambitions, carried me through this tender story until, when I finished it, I cried.

    Helen Ling, Australia

    Carrie Knowles’ prose reads like music—full of passion and grace, leaving her audience applauding, yelling brava, and begging for an encore. Part ghost story and all heart, this powerful, painful tale will make its readers feel anger, sadness, helplessness, but, ultimately, hope. And it will challenge us to question the profound impact visions and dreams can have on our lives.

    Padgett Gerler, author of Invisible Girl

    Carrie Knowles’ writing has a dream-like quality, as it carries us on a journey from cradle to grave, and back again.

    The Inevitable Past reminds us that the outcasts and most marginalized among us deserve to be remembered.

    ─Landis Wade, author of The Christmas Redemption and host of Charlotte Readers Podcast: Where Authors Give Voice to Their Written Words.