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Pages: 442


Owl Canyon Press is pleased to announce the winners of the Autumn 2019 Owl Canyon Press Hackathon:


FIRST PLACE ($3,000)
"Among These Winters There Is One So Endlessly Winter" by Desirae Matherly


"So Many Infinitely Precious Things" by Michelle Denham


THIRD PLACE ($1,000)
"How We Watch What Is Burning" by Emily Polk

The Reign in Spain" by E. Michael Brehm
"Made of Light" by India Choquette
"Rainbow's End" by Curtis Clarke
"We Manifest How & When We Can" by Stu Croskell
"Rejoice" by Elsa Cruz
"The New Adventures of Rainbow and Friends" by Phil Dyer
"The best most excellent farm" by Carnegie Euclid
"Pack" by M.J. Fahy
"A Girl Could Fall In Love With A Guy Like Jim" by Jilly Funnell
"Everything Else" by Ella Kerr
"922 Fessler Ln" by Alex Lee
"Alms for Jasmine" by Arthur Liu
"Impossible Death" by Rebecca Loevy
"Jasaun and the Apple Flooshe" by Jeffrey Montanye
"The Cat Girls" by Aaron Muller
"Letters from Bahati" by Tyler Nelson
"Time's Up" by Kate Osment
"Signs and Wonders" by Alex Pickens
"The Trans-Europa" by Henry Silvia
"A Plague of Angels" by Christian Smith
"The Pizza Boy" by Mary Spence
"How To Fake Your Own Death" by Emily Sperber
"Some Time Had Passed Since The Animation" by Thos. West
"SMILE!" by Elizabeth Wilder

When the Ride Ends: Autumn 2019 Owl Canyon Press Hackathon Award Winners